DT Couture is based on a dream.

A dream of just creating pretty things and making the world a more beautiful place in the process.

It just so happens, I dream in Technicolor and love to go on adventures in texture and feel.

This shows in my collection.

Color blocking? No, just plain make love not war with all colors.



My designs come from a feeling, not a need to reach a target or getting the most from a segment of the market, or even a need to achieve anything.

It’s like composing music: a feeling that needs to be put into a symphony – or in this case: a design.

My garments are made with love… from the drawing board, to the cutting, to the assembling and finishing.

Some pieces are unique (one of a kind), some are made in small series.


Apart from designing as a way of materializing feelings, DT Couture works with a great sense of sustainability. 
My production is located in my own Dutch based workshop.

I do not use or stock more raw materials (fabrics and haberdashery) than I need for  production. I mainly use European fabrics and haberdashery.

As I am a local business myself, I aim to support local business and buy raw materials in the Netherlands and Belgium.

And of course, I re-use and recycle in my workshop.

No raw products are wasted. 

I simply use them for testing new designs and techniques.


Fashion designing is a wonderful adventure, I can't wait to see where it will take me next!