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FACE MASKS  2020 - 2021

As a designer and an entrepreneur, it speaks for itself that I notice we’re living in a strange world these days.

After weeks of debating and wondering what to do, I made the decision to do things just a little bit different.

It wouldn’t feel right, ethically and environmentally, to launch a new collection at the moment, while all the shops are still fully stocked.

An abundance of fashion, but sadly, no customers.


That’s why I have decided to change course, and focus my efforts on producing comfort facemasks.


These are not required in the Netherlands, but I believe this to be a matter of time.

Already, there are shortages in Belgium and Germany. 
I hope plenty of designers join me in this way of thinking, so we can prevent shortage in.


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PAris fashionweek 2019

Haute Couture Show  - Atelier Neerlandais


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First Collection 


Showed at Curaçao Design Week