This is me,


After graduating in Fashion Design, I learned that the world of fashion is not all peaches and cream.

It’s hard to stand out and keep up with the whirlwind scene and the hard competition that seems to have no trouble asserting themselves.
Insecurity got the better of me and I started to give up on my dream of being a designer with her own brand.

Family and friends kept cheering me on, insisting I ‘just do it’.

For years I worked behind a desk as a designer under someone else’s label and I was successful in sales. 

But I was definately not living the dream.


As the saying goes: with age comes wisdom, so it did for me.

Growing more mature, I stopped comparing myself to others and I started to appreciate myself more as a designer. 
Insecurity made way for determination.

I proudly present my first collection.

This is me, with all my love for colors, prints, weirdness and the eighties.

Take me as I am, or watch me as I go…